DEWALT DWS780 Reviews

The DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw definitely comes handy for every basic repairs and constructions, may it be for professional work or just for the household. Its features cover the needs of cabinet makers, framers, installers, and contractors for delicate wood works or framing and deck building. 

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Some of the main features that you can expect from this tool are,

• 15 amp 3800 rpm motor – this gives the tool high power and durability which can support tedious cutting jobs
• DEWALT DWS780 has an integrated XPS cross cut system incorporated with LED light for precise and accurate cut line indication
• It has an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops that helps you reach higher productivity with much accuracy
• It has a dual bevel system which lets you do bevel cut from left to right
• The tool has cam lock miter button for and its own dust collection system
• This model is shockingly quiet (despite of its powerful motor system) and very light weight, which makes it portable for tansfer

Why Pick DEWALT DWS780 Over Dewalt DW718

People may notice that DEWALT DWS780 resembles Dewalt DW718, which is kind of true since both tools carry most of the same features. But one of the things that make this particular model different is that it is incorporated with the XPS cross cut system with Led Light which provides accurate and precise cutting. The LED light gives you a clear view of the work area, while casting a shadow of the blade on the work piece giving you an accurate mark of which the blade will hit. This is a real nice addition, especially since with the Dewalt DW718 you still need to properly calibrate the laser guide.

Needless to say, both models seem to be an effective tool for repairs and constructions.

With all its features, many people have given great feedback for this model. You can check tool reviews sites to read the reviews. It has proven its worth both for the professional and amateur users. So if you are looking for a saw that you can rely on in terms of quality and quantity of features, DEWALT DWS780 miter saw is worth checking out.

DEWALT DWS780: What’s In The Box?

Aside from DEWALT DWS780 12-inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw, you will also get one carbide blade, one blade wrench, one dust bag, and one vertical material clamp upon purchasing of the product.

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